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About Us

Welcome to Blogchain, a blog about Blockchain technologies.

We are Jussi Mori and Stefano Tempesta.

We organize the Azure Blockchain Zurich user group:


Jussi is a product evangelist at Cloudriven in Switzerland. One of Jussi’s main topics is User Adoption. He believes that only with a meaningful human-centric approach the potential of any software can be truly unlocked. Jussi’s missions is to change the attitude towards User Adoption with Customers and Partners, to raise the success rates of SharePoint and Office 365 projects.


Stefano is Microsoft RD (Regional Director) & MVP, and Chapter Leader for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Community in Italy and Switzerland. A regular speaker at international conferences, including Microsoft Ignite and Tech Summit, Stefano’s interests extend to Office & Dynamics 365, blockchain and A.I.-related technologies.